Meet lighting industry experts and architects to discuss the hottest issues around retail, office and outdoor lighting segments. Join the conversation on 16th, 17th and 18th April, 10-11 am at GE Lighting booth: Hall 4.1, D10. To register for these seminars, please send an e-mail with your contact details to


Monday (16 April, 2012)

  • modern office design 
  • ergonomic working environment
  • best use of CMH and LEDs 
  • guest speaker: Andreas Schulz

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Tuesday (17 April, 2012)

  • enhanced energy efficiency
  • true shopping experience
  • Infusion LED Module range
  • guest speaker: Andrea Borsetto

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Wednesday (18 April, 2012)

  • safety for public spaces
  • decreased light pollution
  • white light and energy efficiency
  • guest speaker: Miles Pinniger

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Daily Schedule

Opening the doors

Welcome to GE Lighting, a booth of innovative lighting solutions


Designer coffee at our designer booth - our barista ensures a good start of your fair visit

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Start your visit with refreshing treats at GE Lighting's designer booth in Hall 4.1/D10

GE Lighting Lounge

Rest at our comfortable lounge area sorrounded by innovative mood lighting.

Catch the light bugs

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Welcome to our "office" day

Grab your lunch box and join our expert seminar on office lighting!

"Don't cut the lighting budget"

The crucial role good quality light plays in an office environment.

Guest speaker: Andreas Schulz, CEO of Licht Kunst Licht, 2011 winner of the GE Edison Award.

Office lighting solutions

Check out our lighting solutions for office spaces!

GE Lighting's Lumination range is showcased at Light+Building, offering ergonomic office lighting and a creative working atmosphere.

Office Vertical Expert Seminar

Join the interactive afternoon discussion on the challenges and solutions of office lighting with GE Lighting's application expert, Simon Fisher.
Motto: "Don't cut the lighting budget!"

Illuminating Ideas

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Good lighting, good shopping - welcome to our "Retail" day
Have your priceless breakfast in various color temperatures

"Where LEDs work today?"

How can you significantly reduce energy consumption without compromising the look and feel of your stores?
Guest speaker: Andrea Borsetto, Design Manager at CREA International

Retail Lighting Solutions

Have you checked out our innovations with LED and CMH ranges? Come by to see how we mix and match these products to create satisfying lighting solutions.

Retail Vertical Expert Seminar

Have a trend to discuss about retail lighting? Join our interactive afternoon seminar. We'll introduce recent trends and cases with CREA INTERNATIONAL, accompanied by healthy smoothies.

Customer Party

Meet executives of GE Lighting for an informal discussion
Come by to be treated to a truly unique musical experience an challenge GE Lighting's mixer at Light+Building 2012


Which city inspires you most for breakfast?
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"White Light - just a choice of colour or more?"

Outdoor lighting's impact on citizens, municipalities and the environment and how white light can lessen this impact.

Guest speaker: Miles Pinniger, international lighting consultant

Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Benefits of white light are numerous - but what replacements of outdoor lighting creates safer environments? Check out our retrofit CMH and LED solutions including a range of controls.

LUCI tour stop at our booth

We're excited to host LUCI guided tour at our stand and show our lighting solutions for office, retail spaces and outdoor applications.

Outdoor Vertical Expert Seminar

Speaker: Diederik de Stoppelaar, Director Luminaire Solutions GE Lighting EMEA

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Start your day with free breakfast and designer coffee at our stand

Have you checked out the three areas of our booth?

The design, created by Italian designer, Andrea Cerquiglini, reflects the office, retail and outdoor areas - for which we showcase complex lighting solutions.

Zhaga certification for GE Lighting

Do you know which of our lighting solutions got ahead of the market with the Zhaga logo? Get a Zhaga tour from our specialists at the booth.

Afternoon refreshments

Grab some soft drinks and enjoy the comfortable lounge area of our booth

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Product Highlights

At Light+Building, we showcased innovative lighting solutions for the retail, office and outdoor spaces.

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Case Studies

GE Office LED Lighting Solutions at Aveda 3

Aveda HQ

Appreciating a synergy in their eco-friendly philosophies, GE and the American cosmetics giant Aveda have worked together on Aveda's new headquarters in Turati.