EuroLED 2012 Birmingham

GE Lighting is sponsoring the EuroLED 2012 conference taking place on 13-14 June 2012 at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, UK.

Birmingham (UK), 13-14 June 2012.

The complete EuroLED show experience will provide attendees with a truly vast level of valuable information, great potential for debate and discussion, and unrivalled networking opportunities. On 13th June at 14:20 our Commercial Office Director, Simon Fisher will hold a lecture on the latest trends of commercial lighting application. You can have a sneak-peak of our latest offerings.

On 14th June at 9:30 Andy Davies, our Business Development Director will talk about the importance of standardisation in the extending LED world, focusing on the latest news and announcements from The Zhaga Consortium. Get updated on Zhaga announcements.

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