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GE Lighting at SIL Europe

The broad portfolio of cost and energy efficient lighting solutions as well as the standardization of LED solutions will be our key topics this year.

Neu-Isenburg, Germany, September 13th, 2012.

Globally, GE Lighting invests five percent of its annual revenue in the continuous development of new products. About two-thirds of these investments are used to improve its high quality and reliable LED solutions. Apart from outstanding quality of light, cost and energy efficiency are two of the most important focus areas for the development of new products. In order to reduce costs in the long term, GE Lighting is supporting standardization of LED technology, which will speed up product development and introduction, reduce risk and development cost, and at the same time encourage design innovation.

New products are developed in GE Lighting's Global Technology Center in Budapest, Hungary, where engineers understand the needs of the European market. This is demonstrated by the comprehensive range of LED products in the three application areas retail, outdoor and commercial office.

LED solutions for retail, outdoor and commercial office applications

The GE Infusion™ LED module is a game-changing platform, designed to open up new possibilities for the use of long-lasting, controllable, low maintenance LED solutions in retail, hospitality and other environments where the quality of light is critical to the customer/visitor experience.

The range of Lumination™ LED Luminaires from GE Lighting helps to transform tired office spaces. The range offers the first true alternative to LFL lighting for offices making significant energy savings a commercial reality and introducing full dimming capability and unrivalled architectural styling to both retrofit and new build projects.

In the area of outdoor applications GE Lighting offers a wide range of flexible solutions, which include scalable products with improved horizontal and vertical uniformity as well as low light pollution. Solutions such as GE Lighting's R250 LED Road luminaire reduce energy consumption by up to 40 percent.

Commitment to the German market

GE Lighting is focusing on these three application areas in Germany. Especially the transition to LED offers a great opportunity for the pioneer of this technology to further strengthen its market position. In May, Frank Weiss was appointed by GE Lighting as new General Manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Aside from strengthening the distributional side of the business, he is responsible for implementing an even stronger market, customer and project oriented approach.

“Today, GE Lighting already offers a strong portfolio in street lighting as well as outdoor and indoor applications for commercial customers and city planners,” says Frank Weiss. “There is a vast potential for growth in these three areas in Germany. With our energy efficient technology, we can support the German energy turnaround and nuclear phase-out as well as the rising awareness in terms of sustainable use of resources.” The appointment of Frank Weiss emphasizes GE Lighting's commitment to Germany and is in-line with the overall “One GE” strategy for the market.

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