Energy „Efficiency for GDO&Retail” conference

GE Lighting at “Energy Efficiency for GDO&Retail” conference

How to reduce energy costs thanks to concrete solutions.

Lumination Blade – Lumiantion Led Luminaires

Location: Mercedes Benz Center - Via Gallarate, 450 - 20151 Milano

Date: 19, March 2013

Applying proper lighting in the retail segment is inevitable nowadays not only to enhance shoppers' experience but dramatically decrease costs of energy and maintenance. On this first time event in Italy, which is dedicated specially to Energy&Facility managers, GE Lighting is presenting case studies on innovative retail lighting solutions to demonstrate our commitment and expertise in this area.

GE Lighting alla conferenza “Efficienza Energetica per la GDO e Retail”.
Utilizzare la giusta illuminazione nel segmento retail oggi è fondamentale, non solo per migliorare l'esperienza dello shopping ma anche per ridurre in modo consistente i costi energetici e di manutenzione. Per la prima volta in Italia, in un evento dedicato agli Energy&Facility Mangers, GE Lighting presenta soluzioni innovative per l'illuminazione dei retail dimostrando la propria competenza ed esperienza in questo settore.

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