Green Corporate Energy

Green Corporate Energy

On 25th June 2014, 300 people who are adapting their businesses to major headwinds around energy and carbon – from CEOs to procurement managers – will meet to develop more energy-sensitive businesses that are attune to climate change.

GE Lighting will be exhibiting at Green Corporate Energy for the second year in a row this year.

There are a number of events and topics to be covered on the day including:

  • Networking with director-level peers from various sectors and functions who are facing similar energy challenges.
  • The Energy Investment Curve, a unique tool that enables companies to learn from their peers where the best returns are to be found.
  • An understanding of the “additional benefits” to energy investments - brand, employee engagement, supply risk reduction etc.
  • Various smaller events ranging from important debates in the auditorium to small discussion groups on the most topical issues.
GE Lighting will be a part of the conversation and will also be exhibiting on the day to discuss our complete lighting solutions offer with guests at the show.

Time: 25th June 2014
Location: 30 Euston Square, London NW1 2FB

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