GE Lighting @ Prolight +Sound 2012

21-24 March 2012

GE Lighting is exhibiting its extensive Entertainment Lighting Solutions at Prolight +Sound, one of the leading Entertainment lighting shows.
On our attractive stand this year we are highlighting our turn and lock lamps for the event and theatre market both in traditional discharge and now halogen light source.

Lighting used within the entertainment industry needs to have a high degree of output, and control. It is also important for light sources to offer a choice of colour temperatures to enhance the event or show while retaining colour stability throughout their life. The extensive range of single ended UV controlled hot restrike lamps for the film industry will be further extended with the introduction of the 1600W and 12,000W lamps.

Lumination LED Luminaires

Our latest LED technology will be shown, the Lumination light panels, primarily for general lighting, however this can be an exciting addition to the world of entertainment giving film and TV sets a great low energy high quality soft light solution.
The luminaires create a perfect blend between architectural aesthetic and technical performance and feature an ultra-thin “waveguide” with built-in LED technology that offers a seamless and hassle-free transition from existing LFL fixtures to a solution that will maximise the full potential of LEDs.

Turn & lock halogen

GE Lighting has launched an innovative new halogen lamp that can be used with the Coemar Infinity M-series, a range of Moving Head fixtures widely used for light projection at major events such as rock concerts.

The GE 750W 100V TAL is a Tungsten Turn-and-Lock halogen lamp and is a direct replacement for the high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps usually fitted in the Infinity fixtures.

Developed by GE's research and development team to meet a specific request from Coemar, it provides the flexibility to switch to a warmer light simply by swapping lamps. A small software update is required for existing fixtures; new fixtures will be fully compatible. The lamp is compatible with the entire Infinity M-series, which includes the ACL M, Spot M and Wash M.

With a colour temperature of 3200K compared with the 7000-8000K of discharge lamps, GE's TAL halogen lamp extends the range of applications for the M-series fixtures to locations in which warmer colours and more natural skin tones are desirable, such as theatres and TV studios.

Turn & lock halogen the SHOWBIZ range

Turn & Lock HalogenThe SHOWBIZ® range
The SHOWBIZ® range has been developed exclusively for stage, studio, film and event applications to provide flexibility, control, ease of installation and high performance levels.
The range provides a series of solutions to meet the unique demands of this sector. All SHOWBIZ® CSR TAL lamps consist of a rear-load lamp base system that allows fast, easy installation or simple replacement of lamps in compact spaces such as stage productions, concerts, or any venue that uses moving lights and intelligent lighting fixtures with TAL lamps. The SHOWBIZ® CSR TAL ‘turn and lock' product lines are mainly used in event lighting and are compatible with FastFit and Lok-it!® products from Philips and OSRAM.

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