GE Lighting sponsored the Retail-Lighting and Energy Conference 2013

Retail Lighting and Energy Conference

GE Lighting was proud to sponsor Lux magazine's first Retail Lighting and Energy Conference, which brought together leading figures from across the retail sector.

GE Lighting at Retail-Lighting and Energy Conference 2013

Location: Cavendish Conference Centre, London, UK

Date: 28, February 2013

A clear message from the day was ‘tried and trusted', with Peter Bowman from Next and Mark Hawker from Sainsbury's talking in detail on the stringent approach they both took to supplier-selection. Reliable, long-term performance is key to achieving pay-back on LED installations and, with hundreds of manufacturers flooding the LED market, retailers have learnt not to take a supplier's claims at face value. Via a route of independent testing and store trials both Next and Sainsbury's have achieved a robust LED strategy that is achieving significant energy savings.

However, the tone was ever mindful that, in retail environments in particular, energy efficiency can only ever be one area of focus. Fascinating presentations from Gary Campbell of dpa and Dr Katelijn Quartier delved into the theory behind achieving an attractive and visually comfortable store, with Gary exploring the key attributes of good retail lighting and Katelijn presenting recent research into the role lighting can play in the total store experience. As part of a panel discussion, GE Lighting's own Simon Fisher closed the day by looking forward - to the exciting opportunities innovation in LEDs will now open up, as manufacturers start to play around with form and shape to deliver solutions far beyond the capabilities of traditional light sources.

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