Smart Lighting 2015

Zoltan Vamos, Chief Technology Officer at GE Lighting will be speaking about intelligent environments at the Speakers Plenary Visionary Sessions of Smart Lighting 2015.

Smart Lighting Conference & Showcase is a global platform for lighting professionals, focusing on state-of-the-art technologies, applications, business models and best practices in intelligent and dynamic lighting, including achievements in efficiency, management of smart lighting solutions and the concept of “lighting on-demand”. Smart Lighting 2015 is co-located with Metropolitan Solutions 2015, the exhibition with conferences and workshops for public authorities, city planners and architects.

Zoltan Vamos, Chief Technology Officer at GE Lighting will be part of the Speakers Plenary Visionary Sessions on 20th May speaking about “Building an intelligent environment”.

Lighting industry is playing a critical role to build intelligent buildings and intelligent cities. Transformation can be accelerated using lighting infrastructure and big data analytics. Integrated hardware and software solutions can do more than just lighting monitoring and controls. Combination of new capabilities can help to achieve a previously unattainable level of optimisation and convenience of life. Shifts from the functionality of a discrete product to the performance of a broader, connected system is driving more benefit for all business partners. GE Lighting is running intelligent cities program in two US cities. Zoltan Vamos presents first learning and next steps.

Date: 20-21 May 2015

Venue: CityCube Berlin, Germany

Zoltan Vamos speaker session: 20th May, 11:30-12:00 - Building an intelligent environment