LED modules in the spotlight at L+B

GE Lighting's presence at Light + Building hasn't been restricted to our stands. We have a number of OEM partners at the show, many of them showcasing products encompassing - or compatible with - the GE LED Infusion module.

Talking to our partners it's clear that there is a huge demand for LED modules, as they can deliver an efficient, high quality light source at low energy levels.

Our partners in cooling technology and drivers are seeing a real move by luminaire manufactures towards LED modules. With the technology constantly evolving, you have the capacity to deliver a very powerful light source from an ever decreasing wattage load, as modules continue to increase in efficacy. Recognising this lighting revolution, each has invested in compatible technology that not only meets today's needs, where the initial focus is predominantly on spotlighting and downlighting, but also on where they see the future of modules –as the technology expands to meet the needs of other applications such as commercial office ambient lighting.

For luminaire manufacturers, this scaleable, twist in solution offers real design freedom –particularly as the LED selection for the modules is taken care of by the manufacturer. This allows luminaire manufacturers to concentrate solely on fixture design. The future proofing of modules also ensures that when an upgrade is available, it will require no re-design of existing luminaires.

The next challenge is continued miniaturisation, as designers and end-clients strive for smaller and smaller fixtures, particularly in the hospitality market for example. Standardisation is also crucial, with work being undertaken by the Zhaga Consortium seen as key. New miniature module formats can therefore be expected to emerge in the future to complement the existing standards already introduced.

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