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In our first of a series of seminars at Light + Building 2012, Andreas Schulz, CEO of Licht Kunst Licht AG, gave his thoughts on how you can add more value to architecture with sophisticated lighting design.

He started with a look at the ThyssenKrupp Quarters in Essen, a recent project of Licht Kunst Licht and the winner of the GE Edison Award in 2011. Project photography demonstrated some of the beautiful aesthetics achieved with LED light sources.

Andreas spoke of the necessity to use high-end light sources to create a high level of lighting atmosphere. Afterall, good lighting is more than providing a service or meeting legislation. The Museum of the Bavarian Kings in Hohenschwangau is a stunning example of how LED light sources were used to create an internal environment, which was set off dramatically against the lakeside view. Andreas also commented on the long working relationship he has with GE Lighting, citing this project in particular as one where he has worked closely with the GE team to develop specific solutions to achieve the project's success.

The Novartis Campus Basel was used to illustrate that sustainability and energy-saving tasks need more creativity and intelligence from planner and manufacturer. Not even the most perfect light sources can fulfil all a client's wishes, without controls that work as part of the building's intelligence system.

Quality lighting can make the difference, concluded Andreas – aesthetics add value and reduce absenteeism. The Maki Office Building, also part of the Novartis Campus, at first glance looks a clean design but sloping ceilings add a real complexity. The client wanted an evenly lit ceiling without any visible light source and the result is an enviable working environment.

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