White Light - more than just a colour choice?

In the final seminar in a series hosted by GE Lighting at Light + Building, International Lighting Consultant, Miles Pinniger takes us through the advantages that white light offers over yellow, high pressure sodium lighting.

Now we can see how easily our environment can be improved by white light, it makes me wonder why we ever thought yellow light was acceptable, began Miles Pinniger in his look at the benefits of white light technology.

With manufacturers now able to deliver much better lumens per watt and lumen maintenance, better controllability and a more stable white colour, there really is no reason why you would now specify anything else.

It used to be thought that quantity of lumens was paramount, he continued – so we flooded our streets with yellow HPS lighting. Actually, research has shown that with white light, illuminance can be reduced significantly whilst visibility and clarity is improved. This is down to white lighting having a much better CRI – and with better CRI comes better visibility.

In the case of Costco in Liverpool, Miles demonstrated that by switching to white light they were able to reduce illuminance by 60% yet improve dramatically the visibility and therefore the security of the carpark. Plus, energy usage was decreased by 40%. In summary – a much better result at a fraction of the cost.

He went on to discuss how we might expect exterior light fixtures of the future to respond to these new developments, citing the ‘fit and forget' solutions now available for outdoor applications. Miles also looked at the impact white lighting is having on both road and architectural lighting, before concluding with his views on Dynamic Power Management (DPM) a highly intelligent means of controlling light sources, made possible by LED technology.

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