GE Lighting to launch major extension to outdoor LED product range

GE Lighting to launch major extension to outdoor LED product range

GE Lighting is this year expanding its outdoor lighting product ranges with four new LED luminaires designed for a range of application areas.

The application areas will include roadways, tunnels, parking areas, petrol stations and decorative settings such as parks and public squares.

Building on the success of the Odyssey LED luminaire launched in 2013, this extended LED portfolio will allow GE to provide great light for an even wider range of outdoor spaces.

These latest additions to the range have all been developed to meet the needs of the European and Middle East markets. They have undergone extensive testing to ensure reliable performance and industry-leading quality.

Key features of the new products will include:

  • Latest LED technology for an attractive white light
  • Reflective optical design for precise illumination, greater efficiency and reduced glare
  • Significant energy savings and long lifetime
  • Outstanding efficiency for high lumens per watt performance
  • Flexibility and adaptability, including for integration with controls and sensors technology
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
The new LED range will be launched officially over the coming months. Please stay tuned for further updates and feel free to visit our website for more information about our existing products and services.

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