Strategies in Light 2012 with GE Lighting

The highlights of Strategies in Light 2012

The Strategies in Light Europe 2012 conference addressed the key issues involved in the evolution and transformation of the lighting market and the ongoing development of higher-quality, higher-performance LED lighting. As GE Lighting, we were the main sponsor of the conference and the exhibition.

The keynote session hosted by Vrinda Bhandarkar, Director of Research, LED Lighting, Strategies Unlimited, kicked off the conference with a strong statement: LED research & development has to be the key investment in the lighting market for the future. Vrinda said: “The key to the future is in the sophisticated design to optimize light sources.”

Watch the interview with Vrinda to learn more about the future of LED:

Lorenzo Dini, Product Manager of LED Indoor Luminaires shared his vision about the future of fixture design in a presentation at the conference and also in a short interview to our camera. Andy Davies, our Sales Development Director presented in the name of Zhaga Consortum the latest achievements on LED standardization, while Katalin Toth (Global Six sigma Technology Leader) talked about her research with one of the Hungarian Science universities about the biological effects of light, under the title of “Green-Red Colour-Contrast Improvement”.

Here are the most important points from her presentation

Biological effects of light was a key topic at SIL 2012 – developers have to focus on this in the future, as lighting plays a key role in our everyday life – and not only on the level of “see or don't see”. Watch the interview with Jurgen Sturm (Secretary General, European Lamp Companies Federation) to learn more about the topic.

Andras Toth, Policy Officier of the European Comission talked to our camera of the customer reactions on regulatory changes, while Michel Quicheron stated that LED is really a key to creative design. On the exhibition hall, our German team was also present to answer questions coming from the visitors: Frank Weiss (General Manager – Austria, Germany, Switzerland) was very optimistic about GE Lighting's opportunities in Germany and in the LED revolution.

SIL 2012, thus, was a great success: we had a lot to show and we also learned a lot from the industry delegates.

Do you want to see the highlights of Stategies in Light 2012? Check out this video:

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