GE Lighting StreetWise™ - Energy savings

The search for energy efficiency remains high on the agenda for the public lighting sector due to both global warming and the economic crisis.

Europe has always been at the forefront of environmental issues, thanks to its laws aimed at reducing energy consumption. Energy wastage from European cities currently stands at 20%. With this in mind, lamp manufacturers are working towards achieving solutions that can offer long-term saving possibilities either through smaller consumption or maintenance costs.

The CMH StreetWise™ lamps from GE Lighting allow lighting specifiers to cut costs, save energy and improve light quality. Simple, bright, efficient and effective - the CMH StreetWise™ lamps can save a minimum of 40% in energy costs compared with traditional inefficient lamps.

The range represents the efficient alternative to mercury, sodium, and standard CMH, for outdoor applications. It offers high quality white light that improves and enhances its urban surroundings, as well as reducing the energy cost and maintenance.

Apart from offering competitive and high quality levels of light, StreetWise™ has reduced energy consumption. With its regulating capacity, StreetWise™ lamps offer higher duration when compared to most HID (High Intensity Discharge) systems. Thanks to its high reliability and sustained luminal endurance, it has an average life of 24.000 hours.

“All outdoor lighting products must have high energy efficiency, with a long lasting life that minimises costs and CO2 emissions in order to improve our surroundings”, explained Ana Cantero, Product Manager of GE Lighting EMEA.

The complete range of CMH StreetWise™ lamps can be used with existing bases, equipment and optics for HPS lamps. The system offers flexibility, as it operates with electronic as well as electromagnetic ballasts. Approved ballasts include Tridonic and Harvard, Zodion, Selc and compatibility tests are being made with ballasts by other reputable manufacturers.

About GE Lighting

GE Lighting invents with the vigor of its founder Thomas Edison to develop energy-efficient solutions that change the way people light their world in commercial, industrial, municipal and residential settings. The business employs about 15,000 people in more than 100 countries, and sells products under the Reveal® and Energy Smart® consumer brands, and Evolve ™, GTx™, Immersion ™, Infusion ™, Lumination® and Tetra® commercial brands, all trademarks of GE. General Electric (NYSE: GE) works on things that matter to build a world that works better. For more information, visit

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