GE ConstantColor™ CMH lamps deliver optimised light and colour

Specifically designed to deliver the richness and accuracy of colour required across retail environments such as fashion, cosmetics and furnishings, GE Lighting's low watt CMH lamps offer a reliable upgrade path for almost any merchandise display area.

Energy saving and enhanced visual effect by GE Lighting's CMH lamps

As well as offering more consistent and vivid colour representation, GE Lighting's ConstantColor™ Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) Ultra lamps are also attractive from maintenance and cost point of view with an industry-leading life up to 18000 hours. 35W Ultra range has been upgraded to 16,500hrs while 70W Ultra range has got 18000hrs.

The latest addition to the range, the Ultra White 70W G8,5 and G12, is a breakthrough in colour perception. Ultra White enhances all retail applications where accurate perception of colour is crucial.

The same technology that was used to create the Ultra range will also be implemented into the new Constant Color CMH AR111 Ultra 35W and 70W range. These reflector lamps will have all the advantages of Ultra technology with high efficiency, long life, improved colour and lumen maintenance. These lamps will be available at the end of year 2012.

"This entire range represents a valuable addition the retail merchandiser's tool box,” says Axel Bach, Managing Director for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, “Today's ultra-competitive environment means every last detail matters and the ConstantColor™ CMH Ultra range allows you to display merchandise in the best possible light”.

These lamps offer a whole list of benefits in terms of their technical performance too, such as dramatically improved lumen maintenance compared with standard CMH lamps, but it's the difference they make to overall light and colour quality to the shopper's eye.

CMH – high energy efficiency, excellent performance with long life

ConstantColor™ CMH Ultra lamps are suitable for display lighting, spot and track lighting, mini floodlighting, recessed lighting as well as indoor and outdoor wall washing. Available in 35W with G12, G8.5 and GU6.5 bases and 70W with G12 and G8.5 bases, the lamps can be used in any existing CMH 35W or 70W system.

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 GE Lighting's ConstantColor™ Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) Ultra lamps

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