GE Lighting to exhibit new Downlights

Frankfurt, Germany, April 2012 - At Light+Building GE Lighting is showing the new range of Downlights. Providing complete design freedom, the range is available in LED, CMH and CFL versions and is available in fixed and adjustable formats. The versatile range allows office, retail and any other application area featuring downlights to introduce an energy efficient lighting solution that is long-lasting, controllable, low maintenance and with the ability to upgrade easily when required.

New GE Downlight range available in LED, CMH and CFL versions

The GE Downlights range delivers high efficacy and has been designed with the same high quality aluminium and architectural styling of the original family of Lumination™ LED Luminaires. As well as multiple light sources, the Downlight range offers a series of accessories to increase customer choice of aesthetic.

The fixed format is a standard downlight version, which can be selected in all three light sources: LED, CMH and CFL. Next in the range is the Gimbal version, which allows the downlight to be tilted from side-to-side with a 359° degree rotation to direct the light beam where required. This is available in both LED and CMH light sources.

The fully adjustable Scoop version is available for CMH lamps and provides even further flexibility in situ, with the ability to tilt by 75° degrees as well as rotate 359° degrees. Both the Gimbal and Scoop formats are ideal for retail applications that require light to be focussed on merchandise displays, which could be subject to layout changes within the store.

New CMH Downlighter from GE Lighting

Furthermore, all of the LED fittings within the Downlight range offer the same future-proofing benefits of GE Lighting's market leading Infusion™ LED Module technology. Infusion solves the problem of servicing and upgrading downlights in an ever changing Retail environment. With a simple twist fit, the LED downlights can be upgraded to take advantage of the continuing advanced in LED chip efficacy.

Simon Fisher, Indoor Luminaire Solutions General Manager for the EMEA region, said: “There will always be different requirements and preferences in a Retail or Office Application, so it's vital that our customers can draw from various light sources and a wide portfolio of lighting solutions. As such, the Downlight range offers freedom of choice combined with the confidence that each product can deliver savings in energy and maintenance costs.”

All products within the Downlight range are available with a choice of wattages, lumen packages, trim colours and colour temperatures as well as a variety of beam distributions.

For further information on the new Downlights range visit: the website of GE Lighting Europe.

About GE Lighting

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