GE Lighting provides complete Tetra Range

FRANKFURT, GERMANY, APRIL 2012- At Light+Building 2012 GE Lighting is presenting a number of flexible LED solutions that offer unlimited design possibilities for architectural applications. The extensive Tetra® architectural range provides improved aesthetics and easy installation as well as offering maximum performance in a variety of applications.

GE Lighting's LED Tetra range guarantees high performance and energy efficiency.

Architectural lighting can be specified for a number of applications including accent, backlighting or cove lighting. This means that GE Lighting had to ensure all major design requirements were met when it came to creating a range that would provide designers with innovative systems that guarantee high performance and energy efficiency.

The Tetra® architectural range from GE Lighting offers high light levels, outstanding energy savings and a wide range of colour temperatures. Easy to install and easy to handle, the low voltage systems contains no lead, mercury or glass. The long rated life of 50,000 hours means that consistent performance reduces the need for frequent maintenance that in turn minimizes operational costs.

The new LED Accent Lighting delivers light coverage in small spaces via a wide 140° angle. This lighting solution is perfect for accent or backlighting, small cove or niche applications. With the Mounting Track accessory, the installation is easier than ever. Designed to provide brilliant light across a variety of backlit applications, the system replaces the use of fluorescent in architectural applications.

With LED Tetra Contour designers can create bold designs and attractive accent lighting.

The Tetra® PowerGrid LED Lighting System meets demands for a way to simplify and speed up the installation of energy efficient, high brightness LEDs in large–scale back lighting applications, such as cabinet and box signs. The easy to handle interlinking modules significantly reduce installation time and on site labour costs. The range has been updated with a 70% lumen upgrade from 110-115 and 180-190.

For border lighting, the flexible Tetra® Contour system has been developed to fit a wide variety of architectural needs. With multiple colours to choose from, designers have the advantage of mixing components to create bold designs and attractive accent lighting without the added worry of working with fragile neon glass.

The Tetra® AL10 and GE LED Cove complete the architectural range from GE Lighting, with the latter recently upgraded to improve light direction. GE LED Cove eliminates light-quality inconsistencies from incorrect color temperatures. These comprehensive and versatile ranges have been specifically developed to offer a variety of energy saving solutions for a wide range of applications.

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