New-generation LED Area Lighter

Outdoor lighting plays an increasingly crucial role in the safety and security of public places. The upgraded LED Area Lighter luminaire from GE Lighting for exterior applications delivers the same outstanding features associated with the original product, adding greater flexibility and style.

The upgraded LED Area Lighter luminaire from GE Lighting for outdoor applications

For comfort, safety and security the latest white light technologies can offer immediate energy savings on installation and a better respect for the environment.

Much closer to daylight, the ambience of white light is perceived as being brighter because you can distinguish colours more easily. This, in turn, makes a person feel more secure and comfortable in their surroundings as it enables easier recognition of people's faces and other details. It also acts as more of a crime deterrent and makes for clearer CCTV images.

The new modular design provides 34 photometric combinations available in two colour temperatures 4000°K and 5700°K – both with a CRI of 70. The new LED Area Lighter is suitable for a wide range of lighting applications such as parking areas, pedestrian zones or general illumination.

Sainsbury's carpark lit by GE Lighting's LED Area Lighter

Equipped with GE's unique LED engines based on a thorough optical design, the LED Area Lighter provides excellent vertical lighting distribution, which delivers the required amount of light needed for each application, thereby reducing light nuisances and improving safety and security, whilst curbing drastically energy consumption.

Additionally, the long rated life (50,000 hours L85 i.e. over 10 years in regular operating conditions) virtually eliminates on-going maintenance expenses, enabling the new LED Area Lighter to provide significant operating cost benefits – and therefore very attractive paybacks.

Further energy savings and operational flexibility can be achieved through a dimming capability that makes it compatible with most available local and remote management systems.

The new LED Area Lighter is but one more way for GE to bring solutions to implement quality and cost-efficient white light in the outdoor space.

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