LED Road R250 - Maximum LED performance for street and highway illumination

Outdoor lighting plays an increasingly crucial role in the safety and security of public places. The new generation of LED Road R250 luminaires is combining the experience of GE Lighting in street and highway illumination with the design and performance capability of a reliable and robust LED system. Its advanced optical system improves the uniformity of both the vertical and horizontal light, enabling better quality and control of public lighting.

The new LED Road R250 luminaire features an advanced LED optical system

GE Lighting's LED Road R250 luminaire has a modular design that provides a complete scaled solution from 39 W to 237 W formats and is available in three color temperatures. The upgraded R250 luminaire is also available with 3000 K colour temperature. The design of the luminaire, together with the advanced LED optical system, increase both horizontal and vertical uniformity of light, reduce glare and provide a more effective illumination of urban and road areas by reducing dark zones. It can be mounted in both post-top and side entry configurations.

The high chromatic reproduction offered by the LED technology affords visual comfort and facial recognition for both drivers and pedestrians, enhancing feelings of security and safety for a wide range of applications: motorways, highways, streets, roundabouts, residential areas and pedestrian areas.

LED Road R250 - White light with desirable colour temperature

The narrow design of the LED Road R250 includes a heat sink to ensure maximum heat transfer, helping to lengthen the lifetime of the LED. As opposed to the illumination of standard metal halide lamps that need to be changed every two or three years, the new R250 offers a useful lifetime of more than 12 years (with 85% of its original output after 50,000 hours), and it has components that can be easily replaced when maintenance is required, or when an upgrade will be available. It is therefore a profitable, high quality, environmentally sustainable solution.

The LED Road R250 can be regulated thanks to the possibility of connecting an analogically adjustable electronic device that improves its efficiency in both economic and environmental terms.

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