GE Lighting's European Lighting Experience Center

Use light as if it was just another material with which to create and tell, with which to express emotions." Andrea Cerquiglini - Lighting Designer

Opened on October 13th 2011 by Hungary's Minister of National Development, Dr. Tamás Fellegi, GE Lighting's European Lighting Experience Centre represents a major European investment and is a key component of GE Lighting's European commercial transformation.

Designed by Italian studio Cerquiglini & Rossi, the showroom makes a clean break with the usual, dry and boring, product-focused demo concept. Instead, visitors are invited on a leisurely walk from an enchanted forest of light to the heart of the city, with guests experiencing first hand GE's latest lighting solutions in unique spaces - designed to present some key applications. The experience center offers an interactive exploration of light in all its facets and key application areas like retail, refrigeration, office environments and city lighting.

With a desire to steer clear of hyperrealism, the designer has let his imagination roam, inspired by classic art, specifically Caravaggio's breathtaking paintings. Soft, playful forms and a forest made up of shining globes draws the visitor into the world of light. The playful experience of the "first act" ends in a symbolic clearing, a frozen lake that connects the space to a more structured cityscape, the area demonstrating specific lighting solutions.

Each application area is a slice of urban living, an interactive space that comes to life when approached. The first stop is a fashion boutique, a lavish palace of baroque excess, the second a window on a food aisle. The third space is an interpretation of a modern refrigeration display, a place of playful irony. Then the visitor sees an office, an interior designed to be much more exciting than most workplaces.

Finally, as dusk descends, the visitor meets the key driver for the invention of artificial light, the entire history of lighting: the urban night and GE's latest city lighting solutions.

On the launch, Phil Marshall, President & CEO, GE Lighting EMEA, said: "Thomas Edison created the first generally available incandescent light bulb over 130 years ago and today we are witnessing a similar lighting revolution. Customers demand energy efficient, complex lighting solutions built around LED technology. We are continually building on GE's 130 year heritage to design the future of lighting.

"The Lighting Experience Centre sees technology meet design. We've developed a unique environment in which to demonstrate our capabilities, a place that we will be excited to bring our customers for a truly inspirational experience that plays out the wonder and necessity of light."

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