GE Lighting is not just about LEDs

At the GE Lighting booth, we show our wide range of energy efficient and reliable lighting solutions, luminaires, drivers and power controls - that are made to enhance people's lighting experience and help reduce carbon emissions and maintenance costs. With the focus on LEDs of course.

Outstanding colour rendering and reliability by GE's Infusion LED Module range and CMH Ultra range.

The booth designed by the Italian designer Andrea Cerquiglini features innovations specifically developed for retail, commercial spaces and outdoor applications.

In the office area, the complete range of the Lumination® LED Luminaires is introduced. This lighting solution family is aimed at achieving the aesthetics and light levels required for the creative environment.

Creating visually appealing displays is a key point for success in the retail segment. The extended Infusion LED Module range and the full CMH Ultra range offers outstanding colour rendering, lumen output and reliability in every aspect of retail merchandising.

The full range of Infusion™ LED modules will be shown at Light+Building carrying the Zhaga logo. Permission was granted by the Zhaga consortium based on these modules being designed to the approved Zhaga ‘Book 5' specification for Socketable Light Engines with Separate Electronic Control Gear.

LED and CMH outdoor white light solutions by GE Lighting

Outdoor lighting plays an increasingly crucial role in the safety and security of public places. Reflecting to this, we developed a complete portfolio of LED and CMH outdoor white light solutions. Creating safe environments, roadways and public places and illuminate architectural land without increasing light pollution.

This week is the first time we are showing the newly launched GE Lightech™ LED Driver portfolio. Self-contained power supply designed to match the electrical characteristics of an array of LEDs – allowing for new levels of performance and efficiency to be achieved.

On the 16th, 17th and 18th of April, we are starting the day with a series of expert talks. In breakfast time, we are discussing the issues facing the retail, office and outdoor sectors- with guest slots from industry authorities Andreas Shultz, Miles Pinniger and Andrea Borsetto and technical experts from GE Lighting.

Visit our booth at Hall 4, D10.

About GE Lighting

GE Lighting invents with the vigor of its founder Thomas Edison to develop energy-efficient solutions that change the way people light their world in commercial, industrial, municipal and residential settings. The business employs about 15,000 people in more than 100 countries, and sells products under the Reveal® and Energy Smart® consumer brands, and Evolve ™, GTx™, Immersion ™, Infusion ™, Lumination® and Tetra® commercial brands, all trademarks of GE. General Electric (NYSE: GE) works on things that matter to build a world that works better. For more information, visit

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