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Increasingly under scrutiny, outdoor lighting has a crucial role to play in the safety and security of our streets and public places and in the proud illumination of historical landmarks and buildings. However, against a backdrop of new legislation and a growing resistance to light nuisance and unnecessary energy usage outdoor lighting has to be smarter, which is where the latest outdoor white light solutions from GE Lighting come into play.

Lux Live 2011 sees the official UK launch of two significant advancements in outdoor lighting, with the newest LED Area Lighter and the next generation of LED Road R250 luminaires.

The long life of LEDs (50,000 hours i.e. up to 10 years in regular operating conditions) make them particularly suited to the public lighting domain where costs have to be kept to a minimum. With virtually no on-going maintenance expenses, LEDs offer significant operating cost benefits and therefore very attractive paybacks.

The new generation of LED Area Lighter luminaires are ideal for carparks, pedestrian zones or for general illumination. The new modular design provides 34 photometric combinations available in two colour temperatures, 4000°K and 5700°K, both with a CRI of 70. The LED Area Lighter offers bright white light, which successful trials have shown offers an improvement in light quality, enhancing security and visual perception.

The Area Lighter's optical ring design also produces superior vertical illuminance, efficiently delivering the required amount of light without wasteful or irritating light spill into neighbouring areas. This also offers superior benefits for CCTV camera operations, delivering excellent images with accurate colour rendition and good facial recognition.

For street and highway illumination the new LED Road R250 luminaires have an advanced optical system that improves the uniformity of both the vertical and horizontal light, enabling better control and superior obstacle detection. The high chromatic reproduction affords visual comfort and facial recognition for both drivers and pedestrians, enhancing feelings of security and safety for a wide range of applications: motorways, highways, streets, roundabouts, residential areas and pedestrian areas. A heat sink within its narrow design helps to lengthen the lifetime of the LED. When maintenance is required, or an upgrade available, its components can be easily replaced.

Also on show is the Iberia LED, a decorative luminaire suitable for all amenity lighting applications. With its contemporary design Iberia LED offers improved visual acuity, better vertical luminance and smoother optical transition which facilitate face recognition and visual comfort. Considerable energy savings are achieved due to its advanced no-shielding design, which achieves lower light trespass whilst delivering light precisely where it is intended to go.

And for those projects where capital investment is not an option, CMH StreetWise™ lamps offer a keen alternative, as a direct replacement for high pressure sodium lamps. With ErP Regulations phasing out standard HPS lamps below defined efficiency levels by 2012 April, the CMH StreetWise™ is the answer to a local authority's prayers – as the lamps can be fitted into existing fixtures to cut energy costs by up to 40%. They can also be dimmed to 65% power with negligible impact on performance, offering potential for further energy savings. The light quality achieved is also far superior. The high-quality white light has been proven to make it easier for drivers to recognise shapes and colour and the brighter, more natural light, with ‘daylight' colour rendering also promotes a feeling of security and confidence in pedestrians. In addition, the whole range - from 50-150W - has been recently re-rated to 24,000 hours.

Nobody has more experience in outdoor lighting than GE Lighting. The company first offered gas street lighting in the late 1800s and today GE Lighting continues to lead in the innovation, design, production and application of outdoor products, with a focus on providing the best outdoor white light solutions available from technology. For further information visit or

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