The benefits of LED Refrigerated Display Lighting

GE Lighting offers an optimal solution for retailers to upgrade shelf lighting in refrigerated areas. The high-efficiency Immersion® RV40 LED system from GE Lighting is dedicated to Reach-in & Walk-in vertical refrigerated cabinets while the new Immersion® RH20 LED lighting system replaces fluorescent with intense, focused and efficient light.

RV40 Series

Picard with RDL solutions by GE Lighting

A standard fluorescent lighting system will flood a display case with broad, diffuse light, tending to direct light to the front of the case, which can create shadows, light spillage and glare. Not only does this deliver poor visual appeal but standard fluorescent lighting is inefficient as well - driving up energy costs, maintenance cycles and CO2 emissions.

“With the fourth generation of our dedicated LED system, GE Lighting offers retailers a smart and sustainable solution. RV40 series use an innovative optic design to enhance light distribution into glass cases with a brighter and more uniform look across package facings. As achieving excellent visual appeal, it also allows retailers to dramatically reduce operating costs and energy consumption - up to 80% savings when compared to T8 fluorescent systems” explains Thomas Goblet, RDL Sales Development Manager at GE Lighting EMEA.

Being constantly attentive to customers' feedback and as a result of ongoing investment in R&D, GE Lighting engineers have developed the most efficient LED lighting system ever for vertical cabinets. For instance, 60” (~1500mm) lightbars provide more than 1000 lux at only 16 watts per door – lowering CO² emissions at the same time.

As part of the technological breakthrough, lightbar width has been reduced to fit discreetly into most of refrigerated cabinets, without compromising on performance. In addition, the RV40 range comprises several sizes and colour temperatures. The system includes an embedded dimming feature and is compatible with occupancy sensors as well for even greater energy savings.

RH20 Series

Slash energy costs while improving the visual appeal of every item in your horizontal refrigerated cabinets. New Immersion® RH20 LED lighting system replaces fluorescent with intense, focused and efficient light.

The ultra-efficient Immersion RH20 LED system delivers energy savings where it can have some of the strongest impact—in refrigerated displays that are working hard 24 hours a day year round to keep food items fresh. By substituting energy-saving Immersion RH20 LED lighting solutions for traditional T8 fluorescent tubes, retailers can reduce energy consumption in horizontal refrigerated display cases by up to 73% and curb environmental impact by cutting CO2 emissions from power production.

In addition to slashing energy costs, the Immersion RH20 LED lighting system has been specifically designed to provide unmatched visual appeal. Since horizontal cases often contain fresh food items, the uniform, bright light provided by the Immersion RH20 LED solutions can play a significant role in positively influencing consumer experience and purchase decisions. Immersion RH20 LED lights are designed to make food look its best with an 80-plus color rendering index.

The Immersion RH20 LED solution is available in multiple lengths (24”, 36" and 48"), in warm and cool color temperatures (3000K, 4000K and 5000K) and designed for both canopy and undershelf applications to give retailers the flexibility needed to tailor lighting to complement any display.

Two products with outstanding benefits

RV40 RDL solutions by GE

Both the RV40 and RH20 series have a rated system life of 50,000 hours (L70), which is much longer than traditional fluorescent systems for refrigerated display lighting applications. This means retailers can benefit from over 5.7 years of 24-hour operation without having to change many defective or broken parts helping to reduce maintenance costs.

Unlike the fluorescent predecessors, the Immersion® LED systems do not require time to warm up and are absolutely not affected by cold environment or multiple “turn on and off.” As tokens of robustness and reliability, systems are backed by a 5-year limited warranty.
These new products comply with GE's ecomagination® initiative, ensuring that light fittings fulfill high performance claims without containing any mercury, lead or glass and by offering long life - reduces material waste. Consequently it makes handling and recycling less of a concern. In addition, GE RDL systems diffuse no UV or IR and are NSF compliant, affording an optimal selling environment for food merchandise.

GE is continually striving to deliver solutions that give our customers the state-of-the-art technology in line with its ecomagination strategy. The latest range of Immersion® LED systems for refrigerated displays provide copious reductions in energy, costs, CO2 emissions and material waste – the fruit of several years' development and patents.

"We want customers to know that all LED solutions are not the same. Our Refrigerated Display Lighting systems demonstrate how GE consistently meets the highest industry standards and demand for both improved performance and environmental responsibility in specific applications.

Thomas Goblet concludes: "Retailers realise more and more that they lose money every day as they wait to replace any inefficient fluorescent lighting in refrigerated cases. It is really time to make the switch and the Immersion® LED range is the ideal package to start generating wonderful savings."

About GE Lighting

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