Hallway and Corridor Lighting

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The easier it is for guests to find their way, the more likely they are to be comfortable – hallway and corridor lighting can do just that. From point A to point B, help employees, guests and other visitors easily and securely find their way. Corridors and hallways connect areas and require more functionality, and also the right lighting. Although confined, hallways still require brighter lighting, especially in narrower areas, where lighting shall break the limitations of the original structure as well as improving functionality. Whether its downlight or wall wash fixtures, GE has products to meet your needs. GE Lighting's downlights and cove lighting are a great solution to address hallway and corridor lighting along with spotlights.

LED Systems

LED Systems

GE LED systems are ideal for both your indoor and outdoor spaces, with efficient and even light distribution. Explore all of GE's LED Module Systems and GE's Indoor Lighting Solutions. For more applicable products, you can download related documents on the bottom of the page.

LED Lamps

LED Lamps

GE LED replacement lamps have the aesthetic and practical qualities of conventional lamps, as well as having long life and being energy efficient. Explore all of GE Lighting's LED Replacement Lamps. For more applicable products, you can download related documents on the bottom of the page.

CFL / LFL Systems

CFL / LFL Systems

Our CFL lamp systems are energy efficient and economic. Linear Fluorescent systems are excellent for indoor lighting and offer long life, energy savings, low maintenance, and color rendering. Explore all of GE's CFL Integrated and Non-integrated systems and LFL systems. For more applicable products, please download related documents on the bottom of the page.

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