Lower Your Total Cost
of Ownership

By creating a budget plan for a new project, perhaps the most important aspect is the amount of Total Cost of Ownership. Knowing how to reduce your TCO is essential – and GE Lighting can help you solve this daunting task.

By choosing GE LED lighting solution products for your project, you can minimize material, energy, and maintenance costs

- as well as shorten the waiting period of investment returns.

Less Material,
Higher Light Output

Doing „more with less” is vital in today's economic environment. Using GE LED lighting solution help you reduce your TCO due to various simple reasons.

One reason being, less material is needed achieve the same amount of light emission.

Furthermore, it is not only the amount, but the quality which is very impressive: the dark spots will vanish in a minute – which is absolutely vital when working with heavy machinery.

Reduce Your Energy Bills Up to 70%

Additionally, GE LED lighting is also very energy-efficient: with a reliable long lifetime based on true tests, they can consume less than 70% of a traditional application.

Shorten Your ROI Period

According to the above mentioned features, GE's LED lighting applications also shorten the time of ROI: by using these systems, the return of investment can even be less than 2 years.