Minimize Your
Maintenance Costs

When thinking about changing the lighting in your warehouse / storage facility / distribution center, you need to consider a lot of things. Will the new fixtures illuminate vast spaces from afar? Will they minimize contrast? Will they reduce glare and meet safety and environment requirements?

Besides these, there is one more thing that is extremely important to consider: since changing the bulbs in a high-bay fixture is not a two-minute and two-penny excercise, it is vital to lower your maintenance costs.

Help your company to reach their environmental initiatives, create a better working space for your employees with GE Lighting's easy-to-maintain LED solutions!

Together, we determine the best way to reach your goals!

Extended Lifetime,
Flexible Modular Design

GE Lighting's exceptional luminaires also offer an extremely low total life cost, with a rated life of 65,000 hours offering extended maintenance cycles with low costs and short payback period, two key factors in high-bay applications. Its innovative designs ensure effective heat-sinking, while an upper limit thermal control manages fixture temperature to maximise its working life.

Besides, the GE Albeo™ LED Luminaire is a rugged, modular solution that can be adapted to meet a wide range of needs, to deliver effective lighting solutions for heights of up to 20m, and there is a choice of mounting options. A precision lens system provides optimised illumination for open floor or racked aisles, and motion, daylight and wireless controls can be integrated for additional energy savings.

Longer Hours and
Lower Energy Consumption

GE's LED lighting solutions are just as energy-and cost-efficient as any other of GE's LED lighting solutions. Their performance is outstanding: long lasting life spans – and adjustable modules for light dimmability are available to cater to your illumination and energy output needs.

Reliable Products
with 5-Year Warranty

Our 5 year warranty for all of our LED lighting solutions shows that our commitment towards your satisfaction. With a 5-Year warranty, not only are we certain our technology is worth it, but also it is proof that our products are top-notch quality and reliabile in everyway.