Energy and maintenance costs can represent a significant drain on budgets and resources, especially in cities.

GE Lighting can work with you to develop a lighting strategy to dramatically reduce – even up to 80% - the amount of money you spend on your outdoor lighting installation.

Savings potentials from LED lighting are particularly attractive.


From an energy and carbon perspective, these kinds of savings are also great news for the planet! Last but not least, great lighting can bring a number of additional benefits that improve quality of life for citizens and users.

Realising the Potential

Upfront costs for major lighting projects – especially LEDs – can be daunting, even if the lifetime savings and benefits of a new lighting installation can be tremendous.

That is why, as a first step, it is critical to establish the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your project or plan. Knowing how to reduce your TCO is essential – and GE Lighting can help you solve this daunting task with the use of our ROI calculator. By entering your maintenance costs, energy consumption and number of luminaires, you can find the most suitable light sources for your business.

Start your calculation now!