Out of the Darkness

Since the invention of the electric light by GE's founder Thomas Edison, GE has been working to bring safety, security and comfort to countless citizens.

The advent of 'white light' and in particular LEDs allow GE to provide even greater illumination at night, with improved colour rendering and greater visibility for drivers and pedestrians alike.

White LED light is closer to daylight and can create a natural atmosphere. It also increases the feel of safety on the streets, by helping pedestrians to identify objects, faces and shapes.

Besides, it also puts night-drivers in a better position: they recognize roadside movement more easily, and their reaction time also shortens, if the light is bright and focused enough.

Our Unique Approach
to Optical Design

GE uses an advanced reflective optic design that meets EN-13201 recommended practices for luminance, uniformity and glare. This unique design ensures that all of our outdoor LED fixtures will deliver light control with significantly less waste than the other optical technologies used by many of our competitors.

Our outdoor LED fixtures have improved ratings for backlight, uplight and glare restriction to direct more light on the road and not in neighboring properties or in the eyes of nighttime drivers. .


GE's innovative reflective design only puts light where it is needed and minimises direct view of the light source with a non-pixilated appearance.

GE design recesses the LED array within the optic (or reflector) to limit visibility of the LEDs from the driver's field of view, minimising glare. Many competing optical designs use LED arrays with individual optics, making the entire array visible to the driver, resulting in a pixilated appearance with higher levels of glare and increased light trespass.

Light on Target

Excellent light control aims the light directly where you need it.


  • Lumens per Watt (lm/w) = Total Lumen Output/Total Watts
  • Coefficient of Utilization (CU) = Lumens on Primary Target Area/Total Lumen Output
  • Higher the Coefficient of Utilization (CU) = Less Wasted Light