Ambient Lighting

Create the right atmosphere in your store with ambient lighting

While accent lighting can emphasize product shape, color, texture and finish, ambient or general lighting can improve a customer's sense of comfort, well-being and orientation. The easier it is for customers to find their way, the more likely they are to walk around. GE's ambient lighting solutions offer low operating cost, longer life, energy savings and increased light output.

Recessed LED luminaires

Recessed LED luminaires

Our ground-breaking Lumination™ LED Luminaires are backed by intelligent lighting control systems capable of delivering massive savings on energy costs. They improve the look and feel of the space and help you create a positive corporate image by their outstanding aesthetics as well.

Non-directional LED lighting

Non-directional LED lighting

GE Lighting's energy- and cost-efficient non-directional LED products also provide a multi-directional light output. Just like a traditional light bulb – but with an 80% energy saving. They are the perfect choice for lighting your hotel or restaurant – just as well as your own home.

Modular lighting:

Modular lighting

GE's LED modules are a game-changing technology and one of the most flexible LED lighting solutions on the market. As an LED system, Infusion™ is also inherently more sustainable than other lighting technologies, enabling significant savings in the energy consumption

Track-mounted LED lighting

Track-mounted LED lighting

GE track lighting delivers the technology and flexibility to make the most of your retail / office spaces. So, whether you're looking for broad beams of light in a store isle or creatively spotlighting artwork in a formal hallway, GE offers a wide range of brilliant, energy-efficient solutions.

Meet the Meet the LED EnergySmart™ T8 Tube from GE Lighting Interior Range

LED EnergySmart™ T8 Tube

The GE LED T8 range offers safe, reliable and affordable energy saving alternatives to standard Fluorescent T8 lamps.

Save energy costs and cut CO2 emissions with a simple change of tube!

Available in 2'/60cm and 4'/120cm lengths, GE LED T8s can be quickly fitted onto electro-magnetic control gears or as a replacement on electronic gears with a simple re-wire. It's also ideal for large-scale installations such as offices, retail outlets, supermarkets, schools and public buildings.

Main benefits:
  • High energy saving range: 9W 2' and 18W 4'
  • Two colour temperatures: 4000K & 6500K
  • Long lifetime: up to 50,000 hours (L70)
  • Wide 130° light distribution
  • Compatible with existing installations

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