Brand Protection

Bring your store to life! Your brand and your reputation are your strongest selling points. In order for your business to run successfully, you not only focus on the quality and look of your products, but their presentation is vital as well. It's as easy as 1,2,3: the more appealing they are, the more likely your customers are going to buy them.

The interior of your shop is essential, too. Lighting it properly and creating a welcoming atmosphere is just as important as the displays you choose and how you arrange them.

Create a positive experience for your customers, from the time they enter, to the moment they leave with GE Lighting's retail. LED lighting solutions.

Together, we determine the best way to reach your goals in terms of customer experience, space transformation, light functionality and product selection.

Perfect Your Customers'
Shopping Experience with
the Right Lighting Design

Make sure that your shop has its own brand personality! If you choose uniform lighting, you can pull in your customers easily, and they will be willing to stay – and come back the next time.

Lighting plays a huge part in the overall shopping experience: it can give the immediate impression of the exclusivity of your brand and products. Contrast, color, control and energy efficiency: this is the combination of successful retail lighting. According to this, you should not only choose the right light sources for your shop, but also know how to use them most efficiently. This will help you make a statement about your brand. If the presentation of your products is done well, they will speak for themselves: their most appealing features will be toned out by the proper lighting solution.

Show the Real Color
of Your Products!

Bring out the best of your products! By switching to GE Lighting's LED solutions, you will not only shorten your ROI period and save a considerable amount of energy, but also ensure a spectacular presentation of everything you sell.

Color rendering index (CRI) of a light source is a quantitative measure of its ability to reproduce the colors of objects compared to an ideal / natural light source. It is measured by the help of a reference lamp that is compared to the lamp in question, in terms of how they render eight color samples (see figure 1.). The CRI of the reference lamp is 100, and the average differences measured are subtracted from 100. According to this, the smaller the average difference between the reference lamp and the lamp in question is, the higher the number.

The average color rendering index for LED lamps is 80 – which applies to GE Lighting's products as well.

Longer Hours and
Lower Energy Consumption

GE's LED lighting solutions for fashion shop owners are just as energy-and cost-efficient as any other of GE's LED lighting solutions. Their performance is outstanding: long lasting life spans – and adjustable modules for light dimmability are available to cater to your illumination and energy output needs.

Reliable Products
with 5-Year Warranty

Our 5 year warranty for all of our LED lighting solutions shows that our commitment towards your satisfaction. With a 5-Year warranty, not only are we certain our technology is worth it, but also it is proof that our products are top-notch quality and reliabile in everyway.