Our Clients

By planning a project, several aspects and options have to be considered, which can sometimes be quite difficult and time-consuming – not to mention the means of carrying it out.

GE Lighting can help you from the get-go:

we offer you optional digital resources, to facilitate the planning period, as well as exclusive help from our Lighting designers and Sales Group up until the execution of the project.

Our Documents and
Tools that Help Plan Your Project

GE Lighting offers different resources in order to help you gather every necessary information about LED lighting solutions.

Our Document Library is very handy. There are various filtering options (e.g. by technology or application type) which makes the final decision-making much simpler.

GE Lighting's tools and calculators can also help you find out how to minimize your energy costs.

Besides, we can also help you esitmate your ROI period, with our Return of Investment calculator. By typing in your maintenance costs, energy consumption and number of luminaires, you can find the most suitable light sources for your business.

GE Lighting's Experts Will Help
from Start to Finish

Should you choose to use our LED lighting solutions, we will also help you along with the first steps: discovery and design by understanding your business initiatives, goals and objectives. GE Lighting will take infrastructure and technology inventory of your business and match it with an optimized design to meet your workplace policies, legal codes and business goals.

Not only the quality of GE Lighting's products, but the knowledge of our experts is more than reliable as well. Our Lighting Designers are using the latest technologies to perfect the outcome of their work, in order to meet your preferences and needs and have a happy, satisfied project owner at the end of the day.

Request a
Lighting Audit

Feel free to request a lighting audit: our experts are ready to help you and survey your building to find the best possible solutions for your brand and determine a fresh and customized look.

If you have any further questions that might not be provided on our website, feel free to contact us. We take deep interest in hearing about your concerns, interests and visions.