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A burned-out or flickering sign can send the wrong message

Customers rely on you – so let them know you're open for business, while taking pride in your appearance with GE's energy-efficient sign lighting systems. With the rising cost of maintaining signs and ever-increasing energy standards, upgrading your sign lighting is a decision that will save you money for years to come.

Discover all of GE's Retail Lighting Solutions or explore solutions specific to grocery stores.

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Lower Your Total Cost of

The need to do more with less is critical in today's economic environment. With our Tetra LED systems you can create excessively more lightoutput with significantly less material thus reducing your overall system costs.

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Brand Protection On a Higher

Make your signs look better for less with GE Lighting's Optilens technology, that gives them a superior look at different depths. Optilens also offers homogenous consistency, without any shapes, stripes or spots.

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Reducing Carbon Footprint with Future-Proof LED Solutions

Reduce your energy costs significantly with GE's Tetra LED systems! Due to the extremely long rated life, these products need to be changed less frequently. Protect the environment by reducing your building's carbon emission.

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Project Support – Let GE Help You to Find the Best Solution!

Contact GE Lighting, use our Simple Energy Estimator tool for calculations, and download all the documents you need from our Document Library. Dream and plan, then we help you to make them come true as soon as possible!

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Warranty and Reliability – Why Choose Tetra LED?

There is a 5-year warranty for all Tetra LED lighting sytems. GE Lighting is a worldwide distributor – and according to this, provides consistency in delivery. Not to mention that our R&D department is constantly in motion.

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The World of LED – Discover Your Opportunities!

Create a unique style for your business! Enjoy the advantages of the various and appealing construction models, the energy- and cost-efficiency of GE's LED signage solutions, and the superior look in the end!

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Check out the features of GE Lighting's Tetra LED products, and get all the necessary information about them. Find the one that is the most suitable for you!

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See Tetra LED signage systems in use! Did you know, that GE Lighting was also responsible for lighting the Olympic Park in London 2012? Click to find out more!

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Request more information

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Whether it is about the products or the application process itself, let GE Lighting assist you with your questions!

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Download Datasheets for Tetra® LED Products

Download Datasheets for Tetra<sup>®</sup> LED Products
Gather all the necessary information about GE Lighting's eco-friendly, energy- and cost-efficient LED signage systems by downloading their datasheets from our Document library Download datasheets