GE's AHIx luminaire offers an optimal LED lighting solution for high lumen package applications.
Utilizing GE's unique, tried and tested reflective optic technology, combined with the effective thermal management, excellent light efficiency can be maintained throughout the whole lifetime of the luminaire, even under extreme thermal conditions. A wide range of different light distributions makes this luminaire versatile and flexible for numerous application areas. AHIx is a perfect choice for high power LED lighting applications where optical flexibility and reliability are critical.

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Advanced fixture design

The innovative design of this fixture enables drivers to be mounted remotely for easy access, a key benefit on large industrial/transportation installations where lighting towers can be 20-40 m high. Remote driver mounting also delivers a low fixture weight (just 9.5 kg), reducing the load-bearing requirements – and cost – of the towers themselves.

Sustained energy saving

Our reflective optic technology controls light in an extremely efficient manner, delivering it just where it's needed. This ensures less light pollution and a great utilisation factor, and means that less energy is required to light the same space. The result: an ROI that is significantly better than other high lumen outdoor luminaires.

Great thermal performance

By combining the latest LED chip technology with innovative thermal modelling, we are able to deliver an outstanding combination of high light output and significantly improved thermal performance. This is further enhanced by the separation of the driver, resulting in a versatile, high performance and competitively priced luminaire.

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