Albeo™ LED Luminaire

GE's Albeo™ LED Luminaires bring the benefits of LED technology to high- and low-bay applications for the first time. Purpose designed for use in retail sheds, warehouses and distribution centres, these ground-breaking products offer a direct replacement for existing HID and TT5/T8 high intensity fluorescent lamps, combining exceptional light quality with a long service life – essential in high bay applications and also offering outstanding flexibility.

High efficiency

The advanced LED technology at the heart of GE Albeo™ LED Luminaires offers an exceptionally high efficacy to enable significant savings in energy costs. The inherent efficiency of these LED luminaires also means that more lumens can be delivered from fewer fixtures, enabling major savings when replacing HID or T5/T8 fluorescent fixtures.

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Flexibility of optics

GE Albeo™ LED Luminaires offer a rugged, modular solution that can be adapted to meet a wide range of needs, to deliver effective lighting solutions for heights of up to 20m, and there is a choice of mounting options. A precision lens system provides optimised illumination for open floor or racked aisles, and control options provide the potential for additional energy savings.

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Low total cost of ownership

This exceptional luminaire also offers an extremely low total life cost, with a long rated life offering extended maintenance cycles, a key factor in high-bay applications. This, combined with the in-built energy efficiency of LED technology, delivers a luminaire offering substantial cost advantages.

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Product images

High-res images of Albeo™ LED Luminaire – ABV

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High-res images of Albeo™ LED Luminaire – ABHG

See more product images of Albeo™ LED Luminaire – ABHG

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