The new ALIx LED Area Lighter delivers outstanding features, style and attractive form factor. This latest design offers excellent efficacy even at higher lumen outputs to meet a wide range of area lighting needs.
Using reflective optic technology, GE offers superior horizontal and vertical illuminance with high uniformity, while minimising glare as fixture lumens increase. This system delivers unusually low perceived glare when viewed from beneath the fixture near nadir. The ALIx LED Area Lighter provides reduced energy consumption, combined with a long rated life that virtually eliminates ongoing maintenance expenses, enabling significant operating cost benefits over the life of each fixture.

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Projected lumen maintenance: L90 > 63000 hours

The 63,000 burning hours are equal appr. 12-15 years of operation before replacement and due to the 90% lumen maintenance you can expect consistent light output over life. Reduced energy consumption combined with a long rated life that enables the new LED Area Lighter to provide significant operating cost benefits over the lifetime of each luminaire.

Modular design and excellent vertical illuminance

The new modular design provides 30 photometric combinations, available in two colour temperatures (3000K, 4000K and 5000K), to meet a wide range of needs. The GE exclusive optical ring design produces superior vertical illuminance and efficiently delivers the required amount of light for each application, without wasteful and unwelcomed light spill into neighbouring properties.

Integral dimmable driver replaceable without the use of tools

The dimmable driver is mounted in a separate compartment that can be replaced without the use of tools, isolated from the optical assembly, with a protection of IP66 – providing more savings and less energy cost. The nominal line voltage of this product is 200-277V 50/60Hz.

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