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The AMIx, GE Lighting's latest LED canopy fixture, provides a flexible and rapid installation solution for petrol stations, high bays, parking garages, industrial areas and other area lighting application areas. The AMIx is ideally suited both for replacing traditional fixtures such as HID luminaires and for new installations.

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Flexibility and ease of installation

The AMIx is designed for easy and rapid installation in a range of application areas. Replacing components such drivers can be achieved quickly, while a pre-cabling design allows for ‘plug and play' functionality. Maintenance, if and when necessary, is quick and cost effective. Combined with a range of photometric options, these features make the fixture flexible and adaptable to a range of area lighting scenarios.

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Great utilisation factor

At GE, we use optical reflector technology in our outdoor LED fixtures (for more information please click here). This approach has a number of advantages. Glare is reduced since the light falls primarily on the target area rather than on surroundings, which improves visibility and safety especially in areas where both vehicles and pedestrians are present. Energy efficiency is also improved, since the light is used more precisely. In sum, the AMIx, like other GE outdoor LED fixtures, offers a great utilisation factor: the light is used when and where it is needed. After all, there is no need to pay for light you don't use!

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Robustness for a long, intelligent life

Outdoor environments can be tough. Petrol stations in particular can be subjected to strong winds, precipitation and temperature fluctuations. End users want to ensure the lighting technologies that they choose for their service areas are reliable. At GE, we conduct extensive R&D and rigorous testing to ensure our products stand the test of time and can withstand all that nature has to offer. The AMIx is no exception – indeed, it is designed to be tough and to deliver a high lumen output across its long lifetime, giving users peace of mind while reducing maintenance and servicing costs. Last but not least, the AMIx can be equipped with internal sensors for ambient light and presence detection, for example, and it is fully compatible with industry standards for control systems (DALI or 0-10V).

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