ConstantColor™ CMH Ultra Lamps for Retail lighting by GE

ConstantColor™ CMH Precise™ Lamps for Retail

Retailers use light to attract customers and improve in store purchases. Light uniformity and professional appearance throughout the store are of critical importance. GE's next generation CMH Precise™ lamps present merchandise in the best possible light, set new standards in retail lighting. The latest generation CMH range is designed to attract customers, bring new level of performance and efficiency to light critical applications such as fashion, cosmetics and jewellery.

ConstantColor™ CMH Precise™ lamps for retail lighting

Exceptional light quality

Customers are attracted by seeing goods in their true colours and by environments that create an ambience appropriate to the retail brand. GE ConstantColor™ CMH Precise™ lamps provide superior colour rendering and consistent colour uniformity. Stunning 930 colour light output brings reds, yellows and browns vividly to life. And with minimal lamp-to-lamp colour variation, you can be sure of consistency throughout the store.

High efficiency, cost effective solution

  • GE CMH Precise™ lamps deliver up to 107 LPW and offers better lumen maintenance with 30% more lumens at 15,000 hours life than standard lamps
  • Reduced maintenance cycles and spot replacements with 25% more lamp service life (18,000 hours rated)
  • Lamps can be used with a range of existing electronic ballasts available from GE and other major manufacturers validated by GE
  • Thanks to superior long life and lumen performance, you can always be sure of reduced operating and replacement costs. CMH Precise™ really is the ultimate choice for extra performance

Outstanding reliability

  • Robust and reliable performance initially and through life
  • New shaped design for high performance and reliability
  • Early failure eliminated

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