ConstantColor™ CMH Streetwise™ Lamps for outdoor lighting

ConstantColor™ CMH StreetWise™ Lamps

Bright, white, “natural” light as well as low costs for both running and maintenance – these key qualities make our ConstantColor™ CMH StreetWise™ lamps an ideal choice for streets, roads and other types of public lighting applications.

CMH Streetwise for outdoor lighting by GE Lighting Europe

Excellent white light for safer public spaces

For comfort, safety and security the latest white light technologies can offer immediate energy savings on installation and a better respect for the environment. Shifting from dizzy, yellow HPS light to clear, crisp white light of CMH Streetwise™, this technology also promotes:

  • improved quality of light by changing from the current HPS lamp with a CRI=25 to the a white light lamp source StreetWise™ up to Ra=70+
  • the efficiency of HPS with the whiteness of metal halide, while delivering a broader spectrum than mercury
  • improved face/object recognition and better images for safety cameras
  • reduced light pollution
  • Due to enhanced visibility, drivers are able to respond to traffic changes more quickly.
CMH lighting delivers competitive levels of light, of higher quality, with lower energy consumption.

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White light for street lighting applications by GE Lighting Europe

Simplicity and reduced costs

GE ConstantColor™ CMH StreetWise™ ceramic metal halide lamps have been designed as the easy-fit replacement for outdated technologies. They are also the logical first choice for new installations:

  • Lowest initial cost to upgrade existing, old luminaires
  • Standard base lamps with standard ballast and optics to retrofit previous sockets
  • Utilize existing luminaires and maximize energy saving by replacing ballast & lamp only
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High efficiency and dimmability for further energy savings

StreetWise™ dimmed colour rendering

StreetWise™ dimmed colour

Dimmable ConstantColor CMH StreetWise lamps by GE for urban lighting

With high reliability and sustained lumen output across a longer working life of 24,000 hours, ConstantColor™ CMH StreetWise™ lamps are supremely cost effective. Also, they can be dimmed with negligible impact on performance, offering the potential for further energy savings. Dimming is suggested to 65% of power (except 50W on electromagnetic ballast), since the lumen maintenance and colour appearance may be substantially affected when dimming down to 50% of rated power.

  • dimmable CMH achieves lowest cost and most efficient white light
  • lower Watt CMH maintains white light at similar lumen and save the most energy
  • white light and lower energy at similar lumen output for same wattage
  • longer service life and lower maintenance costs
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