High efficiency, interchangeable optics range

Infusion™ LED modules are supplied without integrated optics giving luminaire designers the flexibility to design or use optics of their choice according to the application needs. GE offers a range of optical attachments to interface with the Infusion™ LED modules, each featuring a twist-and-lock interface for easy, tool-free replacement and assembly, as illustrated below:

LED module and optic are supplied separately. The optic is placed in the groove on the module. The optic connects to the module without tools.

Find photometric data for GE Infusion™ modules using appropriate GE optics.

Optics: narrow spot, spot, flood, wide flood & very wide flood options

Optics are available from 10° narrow spot up to 60° very wide flood


drivers_infusion_215x160.jpg Infusion™ LED modules are compatible with a wide range of GE Lightech and other 3rd party LED drivers, making it simple to specify a driver with the correct input voltage, dimming protocol, and form factor to suit your application.

Approved Driver List for GE Infusion™ LED Modules

Infusion™ LED modules must be used with an approved driver in order to validate module warranty.

Heat sinks

To ensure that the Infusion™ LED modules operate within their specified temperature limits, thermal management solutions specific to the Infusion™ modules have been developed by several 3rd party manufacturers. These include both passive and active solutions, available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Learn more about the thermal management of the LED Infusion™ Module.

New Infusion™ Configurator from GE Lighting

New Infusion™ Configurator from GE Lighting

Pair up the LED Infusion™ Modules with the optics most suitable for your needs, by the help of GE Lighting's Infusion™ configurator!

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