LED Infusion™  Module- LED system by GE

Infusion™ LED Modules

GE Infusion™ is a game-changing technology and one of the most flexible LED lighting solutions on the market. With a combination of twist-fit installation/replacement, a common base design, and an extensive range of luminaires, these modules open the door to applications across retail, museums, galleries, bars, restaurants and offices.

Wide range of lumen packages

GE offers a wide range of lumen packages from 850 lumens to 4,700 lumens to meet a variety of different lighting needs.








M1000 M1500 M2000 M3000 M4500 NPM
  up to 1100 lm up to 1750 lm up to 2200 lm up to 3500 lm up to 4500 lm up to 30,000 cd

Complementing the LED modules, there's also a comprehensive range of high efficiency, interchangeable optics designed to fit the GE Infusion™ LED modules via a twist-and-lock, tool-free connection.

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Future-proof versatility

One of the main obstacles to early adoption of LED technology was concern over obsolescence: what happens when the next generation arrives? The twist-in GE Infusion™ LED module – enabling the entire LED module to be removed and upgraded in seconds – overcomes this issue at a stroke. This makes GE Infusion™ one of the most flexible lighting solutions on the market, with applications extending across an entire range of luminaires. Retail, museums, galleries, bars, restaurants, hotels and offices – whatever the application is, you're sure of an outstanding combination of bright white light, extended life, low energy consumption and future-proof design.

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Exceptional quality of light

The GE Infusion™ LED solution maintains incredibly consistent colour quality from module to module - as low as 2 MacAdam ellipse consistency. The socketable system design ensures consistent thermal performance, and this in turn means that colour consistency can be easily translated through to the luminaire.

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A longlasting lighting solution

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New Infusion™ Configurator from GE Lighting

New Infusion™ Configurator from GE Lighting

Pair up the LED Infusion™ Modules with the optics most suitable for your needs, by the help of GE Lighting's Infusion™ configurator!

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