Immersion™ LED Refrigerated Display Lighting by GE

Immersion™ LED Refrigerated Display Lighting

With our LED Immersion™ RDL systems, cabinets achieve higher average illuminance and become much more eye-catching. Also, they allow retailers to dramatically bring down operating costs and energy consumption.

LED Refrigerated Display Lighting systems by GE

Unique optic design with greater visual appeal

The innovative optic design of LED Immersion™ keeps light directed on the shelf, where it belongs, not wasted on the glass doors and floor. Cases achieve higher average lux levels and more uniform light distribution across the package facings. The light source remains hidden, significantly reducing distracting glare and light spill— making aisles feel larger and more spacious.

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50,000 hours lifetime and up to 80% energy savings – compared to low voltage halogens

Our Immersion™ RDL systems are rated to reliably perform for up to 50,000 hours - which is much longer than fluorescent. Unlike fluorescent tubes, LEDs do not require time to warm up and experience no reduction of life from being turned on and off in cold environments. Due to their highly efficient LED systems, they allow up to 80% energy saving compared to low voltage halogen lamps - resulting in significant cost savings, as well.

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Longer life reduces maintenance costs

LED Immersion refrigerated lighting system by GE with long lifetime


Immersion™ LED
RV40 Series


Various vertical/horizontal lightbar sizes and colour temperatures

Immersion™ was designed to be easily incorporated into new refrigerated cases or retrofitted into existing cases. We offer scaleable length (short, long, extra long) with dedicated center/left end/right end fixtures to fit all half-glass and full-glass doors. They are also available in multiple colour temperature versions (3500, 4100 and 5000K), giving retailers the flexibility to create the right look for their stores.

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Reduced environmental impact

Our LED RDL systems can help retailers with initiatives to curb their environmental impact. Decreased energy usage significantly lowers CO2 emissions, while long life reduces material waste. Additionally, this system is RoHS and NSF compliant, has no UV or infrared, and does not contain any mercury, lead or glass - making handling and disposal less of a concern.

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