LED Replacement Lamps for Home

To light a home properly, we need to use the three layers of home lighting: ambient, task, and accent lighting. GE Lighting offers a wide range of LED Retrofit lamps to meet the requirements of these three layers of home lighting.

    • Energy saving on a new level
    • Instant light
    • Long life
    • 100% retrofit


Why LED?

LED solutions are receiving global recognition for their energy saving capabilities, long service life and the ability to reduce carbon emissions across a host of different sectors. LED solutions will play a pivotal role in the future of lighting. However, when it comes to selection, how can you be sure that one system is better than another? After all, every company will tell you that theirs, understandably, is the best. GE Lighting LEDs come from a lighting heritage that is, quite simply, unsurpassed. The company introduced LED technology to the world with the patent for the first practical, commercialised LED for indication applications in 1962. GE Lighting continues to develop high quality LED solutions and who better to rely on than those who invented the technology and developed it into the global phenomenon we see now.


Range description

GE Ligting helps you to bring your home to life with interior lighting, which can give form and texture to a room, warm a dark corner, highlight a favorite piece of art, or create just the right mood. GE LED Retrofit lamps can be used everywhere at your home, from general lighting to mood lighting and spotlighting. Their big advantage is that, with the same lamp caps that are found on conventional lamps they are a simple, like-for-like, replacement for old technology. There is no need to change fittings - just the lamps. The LED retrofit lamps of GE have the aesthetic and practical qualities of conventional lamps, as well as being very economical and environmentally friendly. They are mercury free, use far less energy than halogen or incandescent, and last longer.

The three layers of home lighting

General lighting or ambient lighting is the base of home lighting. There is two types of general lighting. It can be natural light, coming from the windows, from the ambient. The second type of ambient lighting is the lighting that substitutes the natural light.  This first layer is the base of the other two layers of home lighting. The second layer of home lighting is  task lighting. This layer provides lighting for specific activities, like studying, reading or make-uping. Of course, task lighting always has to fit to the nature of the specific activity. Therefore task lighting should be different at the bathroom, at the kitchen, in the bedroom, etc. The third layer of home lighting is accent lighting.  Accent lighting can highlight paintings, statues or any important object or architectural features in the home. The other function of accent lighting is to draw away the attention from things we want to overshadow. Accent lighting is a very effective tool for home decoration.

LED GLS lamps for Home - LED Energy Smart & Dimmable LED GLS

A true 40 W equivalent LED bulb, GE's Energy Smart™ GLS consumes just 9 W, provides an 80% energy saving and produces the same light output, while lasting at least 25 times as long. The GE bulb's unique fin-like design allows it to operate differently, distributing light like a traditional 40 watt incandescent bulb while delivering excellent light output over its 25,000 hour rated life.


  • Consumes just 9 W compared toequivalent 40 W GLS 
  • Multi-directional light output 
  • 25,000 hour rated life 
  • Instant start 
  • Solid state components 
  • No mercury 
  • Cool to touch 
  • 470 lumens


  • Energy-saving 
  • Like familiar GLS lamp 
  • 25 times longer than 40 W GLS 
  • Full light output with no delay 
  • Durable - no fragile filament 
  • Environmentally safe 
  • Safe to touch 
  • Meets 40 W incandescent equivalence
    criteria under latest EU legislation

The fins that cradle the GE Energy Smart LED bulb look cool, and they also perform a cooling function. They are connected to the LEDs inside the bulb to draw out heat, keeping them cool to ensure a longer life and greater efficiency. The fins also keep the surface of the bulb cooler than comparable incandescent bulbs.

LED Décor lamps for Home

GE's LED Décor range delivers incandescent-like sparkling and diffuse light effects, making them ideal for general and decorative lighting in home and hospitality applications. Available in clear and frosted finishes, the range encompasses candle, spherical, globe and miniature GLS shapes that can fit all existing fixtures with E14, E27 and B22 sockets.
Designed to fit
GE LED Décor lamps are the same size as their incandescent or halogen equivalents, having been designed around the international standard outline. They are truly a like-for-like replacement, with all of the benefits that LED technology is known for:

  • Extra long life
  • Very low heat emission
  • Mercury free - environmentally friendly

Features Benefits
  • 2 & 2.5 W range 
  • Up to 80 lumen 
  • Up to 17,000 hours life 
  • Robust design 
  • Instant on 
  • Same size as incandescent or halogen equivalents
  • Very low energy consumption 
  • Suitable for decorative and mood lighting 
  • Lasts up to 17 times longer than similar decorative halogen or incandescent lamps 
  • Shock and vibration resistant 
  • Instant light - unlike compact fluorescent 
  • Like-for-like exchange with same visual comfort

Creating mood and saving energy

GE's growing family of LED retrofit lamps offers a broad range of shapes, wattages and finishes to accommodate both consumer and commercial application needs. These high-technology retrofit lighting solutions help to create ambient lighting with significant energy and cost savings.

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