LightGrid Outdoor Wireless Control System

LightGrid is a ground-breaking outdoor wireless control system for street and roadway lights. The unique technology inside this system allows for remote operation and monitoring of all fixtures through a Web-enabled central management system.

As energy efficiency and savings drive outdoor street- and roadway-lighting demands, control means much more than turning on the street lights at dusk. Control means being able to program each fixture, on every street, individually. To brighten areas when more light is needed―or to dim them when it's not. And to detect and correct problems quickly to minimize complications. At GE, we offer you that kind of control with LightGrid―and make it easily accessible anytime, anywhere. GE brings intelligent design to a simple, easy-to-use system that puts municipalities and utilities in complete control, delivering the energy efficiency, flexibility and low-maintenance functionality that cuts costs.

LightGrid Outdoor Wireless Control System

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