Lighting controls

The DALI Protocol

  • Multi-functional control of DALI-ready GE Luminaires
  • 1-10V to DALI converters available for analogue luminaires
  • DALI CB Type 2 - complete programmable lighting controls system with 4 scene settings
  • With intergration of multi-sensors, daylight harvesting and presence detection not only provides energy saving but also creates an ideal lit environment
  • With the KNX gateway option, the DALI system can be intergrated to Building management systems

DALI CB Type 1

Each DALI luminaire can be assigned into 4 possible scenes with the 5 push button panel. Additional programming devices are not required which makes the DALI CB the choice for easy commissioning. The DALI-interface combines dim- and switch functions through a common control line. DALI ballasts or transformers and DALI Converters (digital-> analog) can individually be controlled. DALI-ready GE luminares thus can individually be dimmed or switched on the same circuit. A re-configuration is possible with- out any changing of the installation.

Lighting controls – DALI CB Type 1 by GE Lighting Europe Functions
  • Programming and selection of 4 lighting scenes. Any assignment of lamps to groups without changing the installation.
  • Multi-Sensor controls (combined daylight- and presence-depending controls or just daylight- or just presence-depending controls)
  • Combined presence detection and constant light control in c
  • Schools, conference rooms,
  • hotels and restaurants,
  • museums, exhibitions,
  • multi-purpose halls,
  • hospitals,
  • private residences.

DALI CB Type 2

Lighting controls – DALI CB Type 2 by GE Lighting Europe Functions
  • Lighting control with multi-function panels.
  • 1-pushbutton function (dim UP/DOWN).
  • 2-push-function (dim UP/DOWN).
  • dimming with potentiometers.

Digitalization of (existing) analog lighting controls, and light level settings in auditoriums, foyers, VIP lounges, exhibition halls and all areas with a combination of digital controlled fluorescent lamps wwith analog lamps (incandescent, high-voltage halogen, low-voltage halogen, neon etc.).

Product range overview

Product Code SKU
DALI CB Type 1 64668
DALI CB Type 2 65324
MS-R 64669
MS-C 64670
M-SW 5B BLK 64814
M-SW 5B SIL 64888
M-SW 5B WHT 64889

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