LED Lumination™ Luminaires for office and retail lighting

Lumination™ LED Luminaires

The first true alternative to LFLs, Lumination™ LED Luminaires mark the beginning of a new era in office lighting. Our breakthrough designs combine advanced engineering with a strikingly pure design aesthetic for a totally new user experience. It's not just the latest in LED fixture design…it's the future of indoor lighting.
These LED luminaires are perfect solutions for office, retail, education and healthcare lighting applications, as well.

Lumination LED Luminaires by GE Lighting Europe

Lumination™ LED Luminaires 600x600 mmm - Recessed Lumination™ LED Luminaire - 1200mm x 600mm - Recessed Lumination™ LED Luminaires 1200x300 mmm - Suspended


In a development that has redefined the art of illumination, we have created a radically different LED system that takes the form of thin, flat plates of light. The minimalist, ultra-thin profile of the Lumination™ LED Luminaire opens up creative opportunities that were simply unimaginable before.

The first applications – recessed and suspended panels – will take it to another dimension entirely.

  • Perfect uniformity of light – no visible diodes or glare
  • Opaque or transparent finish for design versatility
  • Recessed, suspended and linear versions
  • Sleek, bright, ultra-modern appearance
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As an LED-based technology, Lumination™ solutions are inherently efficient, requiring fewer luminaires to more light for less energy. And like all our commercial lighting solutions – from traditional incandescent, halogen and compact fluorescent lamps to CMH and LED products – they are backed by intelligent control systems capable of enhancing efficiency further still.

These stunning LED panels deliver a uniform light of exceptional CRI quality and lumen output, transforming the working environment. The quality of light alone is revolutionary; add energy savings of up to 50% compared with LFL, longer life and full dimming capability and you have a truly game changing solution.

  • Energy reduction at least 42% due to less fittings
  • 8% increase in the minimum/maximum illuminance
  • 37.5% reduction in number of luminaires (32 to 20)
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Intrinsx™ Optical Technology

Intrinsx™ Optical Technology by GE

Lumination™ LED Luminaires combine high-powered LEDs with Intrinsx™ technology to maximize the performance, control and efficiency of every LED in this ultra-thin lighting fixture. This optical technology is embedded directly into the light guide, optimizing light distribution and optical efficiency up to 95%. These modern general lighting fixtures produce highly efficient, aesthetically pleasing diffused light with minimal glare.

Green solutions

GE's Lumination™ LED Luminaires offer nearly the same light output with longer life and lower electricity consumption than the standard fluorescent fixtures they are designed to replace. This enables retail shops, offices, and other facilities to reduce their electricity costs and associated CO2 emissions on the power grid.

Lumination™ LED Luminaires are qualified for GE's ecomagination portfolio, part of a major GE commitment to imagine and build innovative solutions to today's environmental challenges while driving economic growth.

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