LED Lumination™ Linear Suspended for office and retail lighting by GE

Lumination™ Linear Suspended

GE's Lumination™ Linear Suspended is an LED luminaire unlike any other, a ground-breaking design that changes the face of retail lighting. Slim and sleek, its innovative vertical form delivers a unique light distribution that opens the door to significant improvements across the in-store environment, while at the same time delivering the market-leading efficiences for which the entire range of GE Lumination™ LED Luminaires is renowned.

LED Lumination Linear Suspended Luminaires for indoor lighting solutions

Cable Suspension with Remote Driver Track Mounting Cable Suspension with Surface Mount Driver

Vertical illuminance

Lumination™ Linear Suspended delivers its bright, uniform white light both vertically, to the floor, for welcoming, brightly lit aisles, and horizontally, ensuring attractive shadow-free shelves and maximum product appeal.

This outstanding performance is delivered through Intrinsx™ Optical Technology, combining high-powered LEDs with Intrinsx™ lenses to optimise light quality, efficiency and distribution.

  • Ideal for retail environment
  • Intrinsx™ Optical Technology
  • Outstanding light distribution
  • Bright aisles and shadow-free shelves
  • Enhanced shelf appeal
  • Vertical and horizontal lighting
  • Uniform light of exceptional CRI quality
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Lumination™ Linear Suspended offers the outstanding performance that is the hallmark of the GE Lumination™ range, and does so with impressive energy efficiency: existing fluorescent-based installations can be replaced using up to 33% fewer luminaires. Significantly lower energy consumption also enables retailers to reduce energy costs and associated CO2 emissions.

  • High efficiency: 90 lm/W
  • 33% reduction in number of luminaires
  • Clear upgrade path from traditional LFLs
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Reduce carbon footprint / CO2 emissions
  • 50,000 hour rated lifetime
  • Reduced maintenance costs
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Commitment to sustainability

The introduction of Lumination™ Linear Suspended enables retailers to send out a clear signal of intent to customers, suppliers and investors alike, and in doing so make a bold statement of a company's commitment to sustainability. And this is just another step in the journey – replaceable LED engines means systems can continue to be upgraded to take advantage of future advances.

  • Statement of commitment to sustainability
  • Upgrade to greater energy efficiency
  • Highly visible move to LED
  • Showcase green credentials
  • Replaceable engines for future upgrades
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Product images

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See more product images of Lumination™ Linear Suspended

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See more product images of Lumination™ Linear Suspended – Track Lighting

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