Introducing GE's latest LED road and street fixture, the SLBt, which makes the advantages of outdoor LED lighting available for everyone, even those on tight budgets. Designed to replace 35-100W HID and 24-36W CFL fixtures, the SLBt is a great LED solution for minor roads, residential streets and other public spaces where modest levels of illumination are required.

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Affordable LED street lighting

Like all of the great fixtures in GE's expanding range of outdoor LED lighting solutions, the SLBt will cut your maintenance bill and reduce energy use by as much as 70%, which can translate into tremendous cost savings.

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Easy and rapid to install

GE has designed the SLBt to be easy and rapid to install. Its polycarbonate door can be opened without the need of tools, which means replacing components such drivers can be achieved quickly and easily. Installation is made even easier by the exceptionally light weight of this product, which weighs in at only 4.5 Kg. To achieve this we used best in class materials without compromising on toughness so that the fixture can withstand the test of time and all that nature has to offer. The SLBt offers IP66 and IK09 ratings.

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Great utilisation factor

SLBt incorporates GE's signature optical reflector technology which has a number of advantages. In addition to reducing glare, our optics target the light primarily on the desired area rather than on surroundings, which avoids unwanted light spillage and improves visibility and safety especially in areas where both vehicles and pedestrians are present. Since the light is used more precisely, only when and where it is needed, energy efficiency is also improved. After all, there is no need to pay for light you don't use!

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