Introducing GE's latest LED road and street fixture, the SLBt, which makes the advantages of outdoor LED lighting available for everyone, even those on tight budgets. Designed to replace 35-100W HID and 24-36W CFL fixtures, the SLBt is a great LED solution for minor roads, residential streets and other public spaces where modest levels of illumination are required.


  • Rated luminous flux range: from 1220 to 8190 lm at 4000K
  • Rated luminaire efficacy: Up to 115lm/W at 4000K
  • Photometric code: 730/559, 740/559
  • Class I + Class II
  • Surge protection: 6kVK
  • Rated input power: 15W to 72W

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Data sheet High-res. images IES / LDT files

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