Introducing GE's brand new LED roadway lighting fixture, which makes all the advantages of LED lighting available for a wide audience. Designed to replace 35-150W HID fixtures, the SMBt is a great LED solution for minor roads, residential streets and other public spaces where modest level of illumination are required.

Affordable LED street lighting

The SMBt roadway fixture is an affordable addition to the GE range of outdoor lighting solutions, opening the door to a range of benefits including impressive efficiency and significant cost savings. The combination of lower energy consumption and superior reliability compared with traditional 35-150W fixtures can reduce overall maintenance and energy costs by as much as 70%

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Easy and rapid to install

The SMBt lighting fixture has been specifically designed for quick and easy installation. Only two hand tools are required for installation and the rotating door can be opened and closed without any tools at all. Weighing in at just 7,5 kg, this durable fixture features a die-cast aluminium body and tempered front glass, and can be side mounted or installed on the post top. The SMBt offers IP66 and IK09 ratings.

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Great utilisation factor

This versatile lighting fixture is available with a choice of 11 different reflectors and two colour temperatures (3000K and 4000K) to suit a wide range of street, roadway and other urban lighting requirements. These GE optics are designed to ensure that the required of light is targeted on the desired area, maximising visibility and safety while also avoiding wasteful and unwelcome light spill into other areas.

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Outstanding efficiency

Precise light delivery makes the SMBt an efficient roadway fixture from the outset. Combine this with the proven performance, longevity and energy efficiency of GE's advanced outdoor LED technology and you have an ideal solution for municipalities looking to upgrade street and roadway lighting while also reducing costs and environmental impact.

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