A wide range of control options to give optimum light distribution, this is what our new outdoor fixture can provide. Economy, versatility, safety and aesthetics are the key to the SMIx, which produces uniform illuminance, both at low and high levels. The SMIx is also fully compatible with GE's LightGrid technology for Intelligent City solutions, opening up multiple possibilities, further down the road.

Precise, efficient, quality light

GE's sophisticated MAC system combines modular, additive and complementary lights to beautifully illuminate any area. This precision comes into its own in “conflict zones”, for example where pedestrian crossings meet sidewalks, and optimises the quality and efficiency of your streets.

Efficiency for great cost performance

SMIx fixtures offer energy and price savings of 50-70%. Combining our LEDs with GE's LightGrid opens up future possibilities to optimise output levels remotely or even install sensors that access real-time data for best performance. SMIx will give you maximum ROI, whatever your budget, whenever you choose.

Great performance both for motorways and pedestrian areas

SMIx already delivers perfect light levels on urban streets, motorways, pedestrian areas and rural roads all over the world. Whichever fixtures you choose from our range, SMIx low-mounted and low-glare light always deliver smooth transitions.

Product features

Installation and maintenance of SMIx fixtures is easy. While weighing only 8kg, the output of SMIx fixtures range from 4,100 to 15,6000 lumens. Offering performance of up to 113 lumens per watt, efficiency is guaranteed. SMIx LEDs also offer luminance with a low glare, thanks to GE Lighting's innovative system of proprietary refractive lenses.

Product Downloads